Courses offered by Trade key lab are crafted with care taking care to provide 360 degree solutions for all trading problems covering all aspects and doubts a trader might have. 

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Featured Courses

Module 1: Foundation

Module 2: Reading The Technical Charts

Module 3: Smart Analysis

Module 4: Fundamental Force Factors

Module 5: Risk Management

Module 6: Trading Strategies

THE PREMIUM TRADING COURSE offers following modules -

What will you learn in these modules?

These courses will help every trader trade like a professional without any doubt.
Module 1: Foundation

- Discover how the FOREX Market works (specially for beginners), so you can take advantage of the highest volume trading instrument (5.3 Trillion dollars every single day).
- Learn about trading ranges, trading sessions, peak sessions, and trending & non trending quarters of the year in detail.
- Determine the conditions a broker must meet, so you can protect your trading account
- Learn and practice how to use a charting tool, with live chart application, so you can build and develop your own charts.
Module 2: Reading the Technical Chart

- Learn how to find support & Resistance with LIVE APPLICATION, so you can find the future U-Turns of the Market.
- Find out the detailed illustration and explanation of how to draw and apply trend lines with LIVE APPLICATION, so you can split the market into buy zones and sell zones.
- Master yourself with Candlestick Formation, so you can determine when to enter the Market.
- Learn how to spot market highs and market lows with live chart application, so you can deploy Fibonacci absolute.
- Discover how larger time frames control lower time frames, so you can break it down into a trade plan accordingly.
Module 3: Smart Analysis

- Discover the techniques of ABCD Wave movement with LIVE APPLICATION, so you can find out when a wave cycle is in process or when it is completed.
- Learn and master how the Fibonacci works, with LIVE APPLICATION, so you can find the corrections/ pull backs (retracements) and the Extension moves to set your targets.
- Get a precise knowledge of Consolidations & Pennanting, so you can take the advantage of the pattern breakouts and trade it when necessary.
- Learn the techniques of Major Reversal Patterns, so you can find the sweet spots for entries.
Module 4: Fundamental Analysis

- Develop the ability to avoid the noise surrounded by different market factors, so you can focus on the currency pairs which are certain.
- Learn how to apply the key fundamental indicators to assess the immediate and long-term risk on currency pairs, so you can pick pairs to trade confidently.
- Learn the personalities of currencies and correlations of certain commodities, so you can be confident when trading commodity related pairs.
- Get the complete guide to gauge the sentiments, discover the conditions, strength and weakness of the world largest economy’s currency, the United States Dollar, so you can stay out when required.
- Get full work through, of market fear factors which create major impacts on the market, so you can find out when, why and how the Central bank interventions occur, and most importantly how to trade with its outcome when it is over.
Module 5: Equity Management

- Discover how to build a Master Trade Plan, with trade preparation, setting risk, exit rules, entry rules with a record keeping system, so you can have an achievable goal with a growth plan.
- Find out a proven Risk Vs. Reward formula, so you can apply the system into your trading and avoid all emotional high jackings.
- Learn the Secrets of Cost Average Trading Formula and how to apply it, with LIVE APPLICATION, so you can turn a losing trade into a winning trade with a compounding growth plan.
- Get the full walk through of the Entry Strategy for the Smart Formula, with LIVE APPLICATION, so you can manage your risk accordingly and make profit even when you are wrong.
Module 6: Trading Strategies

- Get the step by step guideline of a proven Swing Trading Strategy, with LIVE DEMONSTRATION, so you can apply this strategy right away.
- Get a detailed DAY TRADING STRATEGY with Live Demonstration, so can apply the strategy if you like day trading.
- Get a clear-cut Scalping Strategy, so you can take advantage of short moves.